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Member of Right Plenary Session Of Persilat Since 1984

Burocracy: Federation

La Burocracia: FederaciĆ³nSince 1984 the efforts to create a Pencak Silat Federation have been huge. Since the very beginning we had been advertised that martial arts the poor brother of Sport. JUDO is an exception. It's Olympic and generates no problem.

The rest all mixed in a common bag: The disregarded. Taekwondo made nothing since the Barcelona Olympic Games.The world crisis is to be regarded, and Asian countries are going back to their monasteries. JB and his partners have probed contacts with all the legally established federations: JUDO, TAEKWONDO and KARATE, apart from the correspondent Government Departments in -Madrid and Vitoria.

Governments don't allow creating the Pencak Silat Federation but force us to enter any of the ones established. JUDO accepts us from the beginning but we don't admit their conditions. Taekwondo went through similar experiences and we didn't accept. We chose Karate knowing their internal wars, especially with the EPK. Years of negotiations and recognition from the government are the only positive points. Besides Persilat didn't accept the entrance in Karate, and so did one of the directives communicate us. In 1997 we started creating our own legally constituted Association awaiting changes in the existing legislation.

Pencak Silat, during its 20 year of existence has been a self-financed and autonomous entity. Due to our curriculum and age we don't want any bride who'll love us just for our money. We are members of the International Federation (PERSILAT) since 1987, with the full range of rights and recognition.