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The Tua: Honourables

Tua: Los HonorablesWithin the 20 years of existence, more than 3000 pupils have gone trough the clubs in our country. Natural evolution or just life have made many of them give up the practice of Silat even if their spirit remains in the clubs. As a consequence, and at the same time our Pencak Silat Headquarters was inaugurated in Arkotxa 23, in 1994, there was a first meeting among old pupils expecting to create a new activity inside the Silat: The TUA.

In Indonesian, TUA means old, but in Asia this aquires the sense of HONOURABLE. They asked JB to start some high level courses on the internal side of Silat: Breathing, concentration, meditation, control... In fact they intended to look for the mental and physical equilibrium. One single condition without pressures and with fun as the key. Five years later a much harder work than in the past begins to provide results.

The answer to this hardness is first meeting oneself to later finding the equilibrium. To know yourself you must deep inside and many times our own enemy, and the cause to the lack of equilibrium remains inside us. There is no similar physic exercise. The real I is many time our worst enemy. Confidentiality forbids publishing more data or even the name of those in the TUA keeps secret.