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El Monasterio (1980-1983)

El Monasterio (1980-1983) #1 Pencak SilatThis was as Gym Iragorri was called in the beginnings. Family Iragorri's farm's stables had been turn into an about 50 square metre room for classes. Prepared as a family business, it was thought for certain amounts of people who were soon overshoot. The facilities weren't enough to provide everybody, and since 1981, summer or winter, pupils trained barefoot at street.

Cold water showers and sauna created a work spirit that was no doubt responsible of the golden Silat generation which few years later appeared in Euskadi. Training barefoot in the snow on the stones close to Santa Ana football field is a unique and unforgettable experience.

El Monasterio (1980-1983) #2 Pencak SilatShotokan Karate was the basis, whilst Silat remained exclusively for teachers. People all around Bizkaia, with groups in Basauri, Durango, Usansolo, Arratia and Bilbao attended those classes without sex or age conditions. Never again has there been such a spirit like that, as everything were difficulties, but still the groups where the strongest in Bizkaia or maybe in the full country. There were no competitions, but yes many exhibitions, some of which were impresionating. After his experience in _Madrid, JB considered the Federation a hidden business, and that point was left, just like we did with EPK, USKA, ETC.

Many pupils in that age are nowadays-high members in those organisations. ANDONI CABANILLAS soon joined the activity and new teachers as ARSENIO MARTÍNEZ, KOLDO LARREA and JUAN LUIS AZPEITIA appeared. JB chose KOLDO LARREA among them all as the first Silat pupil in Bizkaia. They trained alone after their Karate classes, and trainings were so real that JB suffered the breaking of his 2nd cervical vertebra during a soft play with a strong guy from Basauri. In 1982 and 1983 the pupils themselves rebuilt a bigger pavilion, which is in use still now. New pupils appear, as Silat is already a proper subject, outstanding: TATO URRUTIKOETXEA, IÑAKI MAZARREDO, IÑAKI MURGUIA, IÑIGO HURTADO DE MENDOZA and ANTONIO NARVÁEZ. In March 1983 JB meets Adyto Hanafi for the first time, in Paris, producing the fusion of two different lifestyle philosophies but with common targets. The terrible floods in August 1983 covered the gym with 2 metre deep water, meaning the end to an age but the birth of the golden age of Silat in our country.