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The Golden Age (1983-1987)

La Edad de Oro (1983-1987) #1 Pencak SilatHanafi visited Bilbao several times with his pupils, and common courses were usual. The pupils above had such a level that the only thing Hanafi had to do was push them into the international scene. Among Hanafi's pupils outstands GERARD GAMMA, a man who really impressed Basque pupils. In 1984 we were invited to take part in the World Championship in Jakarta. JB uses his long experience in combat and selects IÑAKI MAZARREDO in Bilbao and FRANK PICOT with MOUHOUB FARID in Paris.

Hanafi soon knew JB and after terrible tests as the trainings in Bois de Charenton or Fointenebleu he left free way to the 26 year old Basque Master.

La Edad de Oro (1983-1987) #2 Pencak SilatResults, with 2 gold medals in combat were consequence of a spirit which was born in the Monastery, and came to light during those years. In the European in AACHEN, in 1985 the DREAM TEAM exploded.THE EUROPE CHAMPIONS 1985: ANDONI CABANILLAS. IÑAKI MAZARREDO. ARSENIO MARTINEZ. J. LUIS URRTIKOETXEA. ANTONIO NARVAEZ. J. LUIS AZPEITIA. IÑAKI MURGIA. JAVIER PORRAS. IÑIGO HURTADO DE MENDOZA. In 1985 the Adyto Hanafi Martial Art Centre is opened in Igorre (Bizkaia), also under direction of JB. Here many pupils who had attended the group classes in Iragorri showed all their talent and the same spirit than the one in the monastery was kept: hardness, perseverance, and sacrifice above all.

Three names made Arratia be a place in which Silat caused legend: KOLDO AUSMENDI, ALBERTO CERRO and CESAR NUÑEZ. In 1986, during the World Championship in Vienna only Indonesia was capable to hurt them thanks to their referees, but the golds scored in Jakarta weren't a casuality, and the medal collection increased.That very year the technique teams are invited to Sumatra, to the Minangkabau Festival.

Results were so espctacular that Indonesian TV waited for them at the airport for a live interview. The World championship in Kuala Lumpur equals Vienna, but this time with the shame of the Malaysian referees. Despite everything more gold medals were won, keeping the Asian countries astonished in front of a human group impossible to repeat. There have been in our country no sportsmen so recognised and prized out of our frontiers but at the same time that forgotten inside them. Their spirit, impossible to repeat, won't forget this circunstance for a country short of international recognitions.