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The Embassy Madrid (1986)

La Embajada Madrid (1986) #1 Pencak Silat In September 1986. The TV program (by TVE) called "En un país de Sagitario" decided to film a program dedicated to champions. The program was recorded in Madrid, inside the Indonesian embassy at Agastia Street. After the program Ambassador Leon Soemantri called JB to propose him to teach Silat to the Indonesians living in Madrid. The medals and the world recognition had done something incredible for an occidental. If any important person in this story is to be recalled, this is Roberto Kusumuhadi, a man who never practised Silat but who is a Master for every PESILAT.

From the embassy new options are opened in Madrid, being the Nuestra Señora de Africa Universitary Residence another of the important points during those years. Pupils as DANIEL IGLESIAS and JESUS OLIVARES where the key in their classes. Among the Indonesian pupils ARIS BUDIYARTO, FAISAL LASINY, GAFFAR LASINY and PARLIN have been the most important ones. FAISAL and GAFFAR LASINY are the teachers of the first Perguruan JB has opened in Jakarta in 1998. They all were students, and as long as finished their careers went back to their birthplaces. JB used to impart intensive courses twice a month, during the weekends, apart from hundreds of courses, exhibitions that were celebrated in Madrid.

El Pais newspaper dedicated a full page to Silat in University in 1992, but the martial art crisis stops Silat in Madrid. Many are the e-mails received from Madrid, which make us think to start the activity again in the short term. After Gym Iragorri, real cradle for Silat in our country, Club Adityo Hanafi in Igorre was the second place to introduce this culture form.

Nearly at the same time, in 1986 several other clubs are birth; USANSOLO with TATO URRUTIKOETXEA, INGENIEROS de Bilbao with JB as a responsible and TOMAS GONZALEZ as second. iJUAN LUIS AZPEITIA takes GANDASEGI, ANDONI CABANILLAS opens at BASAURI, and little by little Bizkaia started to know what Pencak Silat is. BERMEO is born nearly as a branch of INGENIEROS with JAVIER LEZAMA. In GALDAKAO, ARSENIO MARTINEZ takes IRAGORRI and BENGOETXE, EGIA, HERRIEZTEGI are born. In ARRATIA classes are started in DIMA and LEMOA.

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