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La Haya (1990) Scandal and Crisis

In international competition, the harvest of medals went on. The European 1989 in Belgium is magnificent. A new pupil generation is coming from the basement of the Dream Team. It is the age of Arratia, with Igorre and Usansolo as a basis and Ingenieros as a partner. In La Haya World Championship 1990, we suffered an incredible fact; With 9 finalists the team decided to stop taking part in the event, in a unanimous decision from 25 people, given shaming actuation of the Indonesian and Dutch referees. Curiously JB didn't attend that championship, but once the circumstances known, and the Indonesian political situation given, the consequences were very hard. The President of the International Pencak Silat Federation sent a letter to the Indonesian Embassy in Spain considering JB as a "non grata" person. Terrible accusations were changed and for two years the situation could have been ominous for the future of Pencak Silat in Spain. Thanks God the clubs hardly received the impact, and only the Indonesian Embassy caused some trouble. There was an enormous, big quality potential that allowed glimpsing a brilliant future.