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The Competition (1994)

La Competición (1994) Pencak SilatThe situation remained changeless. The image of Pencak Silat was more and more deteriorated. The clubs were able to assume the spirit got in Sumatra, and competition was lead to a second place. The idea of a corrupted and politiced competition was transmitted.

Thailand in 1994 was the end of a time and every participant felt the shame for all that was witnessed. The big star in this competition was IÑAKI MURGUIA, but he had such a brilliant curriculum that was taken to a miserable third place. His exercise was later on literally copied by the Asian teams, due to his geniality. In1996, in Kuala Lumpur, occidental referees were admitted, starting a shy little change introducing compulsory exercises. Persilat's General Secretary asked ironically in the stadium about our medals, and his face went pale when the answer was: 5, and 8 forth places. The team no longer believed in that competition, but together with the big economical crisis in Asia appeared an special event: THE WORLD FESTIVAL IN TERENNGGANU in Malaysia in 1997.