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Terengganu (1997)

Terengganu (1997) #1 Pencak SilatThe circumstances had lead the international competition to a deep dark pit. We knew competition was only 5% in Silat, but it's something important for new generations.We had to win in Asia like in Jakarta 1984, but this time in technique, mother and image of any school. JB selected the best, and the club association risked its funds, and history finally made justice.The DREAM TEAM II had been created.

JAVIER LEZAMA, ROBERTO SANTAMARIA, TXEMA GOIRI, AITXIBER MENDIBIL, ROSANA URRUTIKOETXEA, SOFIA VILLANUEVA, INMACULADA AVILA and ESTHER PARRA. Quality was even bigger, and just maturity failed. As a final result, they are considered the best team in the world in front of thousands of Asian participants, with Holland and Vietnam seconding tem. Gold in couple and group (male and female) and the medals in the individuals made them untouchable.

Terengganu (1997) #2 Pencak Silat