Spanish Pencak Silat Federation Official Site

Member of Right Plenary Session Of Persilat Since 1984

Pendekar Suci: Juan I. Barrenetxea

Pendekar Suci Pencak Silat Was born in Bilbao province of Bizkaia 14 of December of 1.958.
Black Belt 2º Dan of Karate -(Shotokan, Paris France 1.978).
Certified Instructor of Iaido - (Longeville South Mer 1.985,France).
Certified Instructor of Jodo (Longeville South Mer 1.985,France).
Certified Instructor of Kendo (Longeville South Mer 1.985,France).
Instructor of Nunchaku of Combat.
Delegate for Spain of PERSILAT (Federation International of Pencak Silat).
Founder of E.S.C.O. (European Federation of Pencak Silat, Merten Castle West Germany 1.988)
Delegated for Spain and Responsible for the Working Commission.
Delegate of the School Musho Shindo and C.N.K. (National Federation of Kendo, Paris 1.986).

Teacher of Pencak Silat in the Indonesian Embassy in Madrid.
Official Guest of the Indonesian Government as International Jury to the SEA Games of Asia.
Direct pupil of Pencak Silat of . A. HANAFI ( 8º Dan )
Direct pupil in Iaido of OKADA MORIHIRO ( 8º Dan )
Coach of the France team in Jakarta 1.984 . Better coach of the World .
JAKARTA 1.984 . Author of the book " Introduction to the Pencak Silat" .
Editorial Alas 1.985 Author of the book " Traditional Weapons in Asia : Indonesia and Malaysia " .Editorial Geneve 1.997).

Official Guest to the Championship of Technique Indonesia SUMATRA 1986. Maximum Western Level, European Technical Chairman.
Responsable of the European Technique Committee in Pencak Silat.Special Guest to SUMATRA, 1992. Official Recognition of Degree by ASKI (Indonesian Association Sumatra Silat Komite) and IPSI Sumbar, Federation Pencak Silat Minangkabau of Sumatra.