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Adityo Hanafi

Adityo Hanafi Pencak SilatWas born 3 of January of 1948 in JOGYAKARTA, Java Central. He is the third son of ANAK MARHAEN HANAFI, General of the armed forces of the Republic of InMr.esia. Being 7 years old he was feeling it great interest in the Wayang and their actors, in particular with their ancient mythology Hindo - Javanese.With eleven years old he was his first contact with the Pencak Silat when his father, as leader of the clan Lubuk-Ngantungan and at the same time minister of the President Sukarno, carries to him to know his homeland in the region of Lubuk-Ngantungan (Sumatra Island).There he attends a performance of Pencak Silat offered by the people of his clan in his honor. This event makes him to be very interested in the Martial Arts, especially Pencak Silat. After this event he always looks for to be able to train with the members of the family of his father that they were very qualified in Silat practiced in their zone the MINANGKABAU.

All their father's family as well as motherly are falling of warriors that fought during centuries against the Dutchs and Japanese. Furthermore all they are very famous within Pencak Silat. The great-grandfather of his father was the founder of the Clan Lubuk Ngantungan, five hundred years before, it was terrible as warrior and his reputation was extended all over InMr.esia.He was called: POYANG LEBEY. The grandfather of his father was also very known.His name : NEKO RADJO API called also" The old king of fire ".He was considerated unconquerable of up to the own Dutch. The heroism and the mysterious life of their grandfathers made to reflect much to the young Adityo.With 16 years old he begun to be mastered in the Pencak Silat and the Japanese karate. In this time At sametime He found one of the most important Master in Jawa Barat: KIAYI HADJI KOMAR TJIREBON .This Master chose him as his favorite pupile. With 17 years old he was instructor of Martial Arts in the InMr.esia Army forces, training to the Special Groups of Command. In 1966 attends to Cuba where his father has been appointed Ambassador of the Republic of InMr.esia. In this country studies its studies obtaining the Licentiate in Spanish and English by the University from The Havana.As he had studied anthropology in InMr.esia,he was very interested in the African-American culture, comes into contact with the forms most primitive of the same: the Abakua and the Plomayombe in order to know better the way of living of these peoples.Arrive to France in 1973 and beginning to give courses of Pencak Silat in local manifolds being the founder and introductor of the Pencak Silat in said country. Furthermore it attends with Holland where their/its/your/his reputation and respect are also huge. Thousands of pupils practice the Pencak Silat with great enthusiasm and respect the world over thanks to this great Master. Today their/its pupils have distributed us by the world (England, Spain, Martinica,. ..) but all they and above all those which we had the great luck of be their/its more direct pupils, never we will forget their/its teachings in all the aspects to the life.