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Member of Right Plenary Session Of Persilat Since 1984

Maryun Sudirohadiprodjo

Sudirohadiprodjo Pencak Silat This man has been considered as the Father of the Pencak practiced Modern Silat today by more than twenty million of persons in the world.Beginning to practice with 12 years within the styles Cimande and Cikalong. To 18 years directs the group of PS of their/its/your/his corresponding school all the pupils of BUP. With 25 years is Executive Chief of the Organization of PS SENANG HATI of Semarang.

In 1938, few years after, it is the maximum directing of the PS in the city of Yogjakarta. Introduce the PS as a lesson in all the Education institutes, in 1947. Introduce and direct to him/her/you PS in the Policeman institute Magelang.

The INEF of Yogjakarta in 1950s requires of their/its services for the introduction of the Asignatura Pencak Silat for the first time. Creative of the courses of Pencak Silat in the University of Jakarta. In 1947 is chief of the Department of PS in the Culture center Kedu ofMagelang the most important of InMr.esia. In May of 1948 is the unifier of the more than 500 style PS with its more than 10 million of students, in the first National name Federation IPSI. Being his first Secretary-General until 1950s. Until 1973 occupies maximum responsibility posts, Executive President, Directing of the Dpto. Technical, etc. In 1955 creates and directs a program of 6 months for TV as pedagogy of the PS for all the children. It has been issued with much success during many years.

Thanks to their/its/your/his work the PS was already a lesson in all the schools and InMr.esia Institutes. It is elected Counselor of the executive IPSI at International level in May of 1973. Special guest of the Japanese Government for some courses of PS, stayed during two years in Japan being envied and observed all over the master Japanese of Martial Arts. In 1980 is one of the creators and regulatory of first PERSILAT National Federation of of Pencak Silat, today composed by more than 30 countries of everybody. Died in February of 1996. His funeral was a thousands person´s homage of practicers in the PADEPOKAN of Jakarta.