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Member of Right Plenary Session Of Persilat Since 1984

The Pencak Silat (read Penchak Silat) is a way of culture with more than 20 million practisers in South East Asia. Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipines and Vietnam are, together with Holland, the main potences. Our country with 90 medals in international Cahmpionships always far from our borders, is considered as the third potence in the world.

The roots in the traditional dances, hundreds of years old influencing in the people's lives and copying the the movements of those particular aninals in the area: Tiger, Buffalo, Dragon, etc. This performs a unique and different style.

The dance, unified with the maximum eficacy, and more than 20 original weapons and unknown combat systems (due to their primitive roots) are compulsory technics for all practisers. Way of culture in which the martial art is the most external part, with a large richness of internal aspects such as breathing, meditation, concentration, balance... perfect for the phisic and metal development without distinghising among different ages or sex.

Music. Aesthetic, colour, primitivism, contact and knowledge of the nature, rythm, coordination... are basic subjects within the pedagogical and didactic development for the Pencak Silat when related to children. Associated to the Basque Karate Federation and Olyimpic Sport in the Asia Olympic Games since 1986